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What Tamara's Clients Say About Show Up Strong®

Executive Coaching For High Growth Entrepreneur (improved leadership style, communication, and culture)

I would most accurately describe Tamara as my business psychiatrist, and an amazing one at that. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending her services to any level of manager or entrepreneur who is seeking to grow and develop.

At every session, Tamara was not only insightful but beautifully adept at picking out the salient elements of each issue and supporting me through analysis and options appraisal. She has phenomenal emotional intelligence and has a unique ability to look at every situation in a multi-faceted way opening otherwise hidden strategies.

Executive Coach For High Growth Entrepreneurs
Executive Coach For High Growth Entrepreneurs Managing Director - Co-Founder UK Privacy Policy in Place - Upon Request

“Had the distinct pleasure of learning some terrific nuggets from your presentation…! Now just to implement & gather the harvest!!”

Testimonial 6 (JM) | Show Up Strong
Testimonial 6 (JM) | Show Up Strong President Privacy Policy in Place - Upon Request

Quoted message sent out by a CEO

“…You may have noticed I wasn’t cheery, or maybe you asked a question and got a snappy response. I am BACK to ME thanks in huge part to Tamara Lee Taylor with Show Up Strong. Her constant coaching, constant positivity and evaluation of my business life, personal life and internal life all helped to bring back THE GURU INSIDE! Thank you TLT!”

I needed someone who could redo my website to more accurately reflect my mission and vision, create a more focused market strategy implementation process, without trying to change my message and brand in the process.  I also wanted to find new opportunities and needed help with numerous business management projects. I’m beyond satisfied with the progress we’ve made and am so thankful to have been introduced to someone who really can do it all and understood how to fit it all together to flow so well. My focus and business never looked better.

Client Privacy Policy in Place (FC)
Client Privacy Policy in Place (FC) President and Founder Privacy Policy in Place - Upon Request