Show Up Strong | People Hiding True Intentions Wearing Masks To Hide The truth

Hidden Roles - Hidden Agendas - Hidden Opportunities

“We all play different roles in different situations; not all of them deserve a trophy.” ~ Tamara Taylor

In every situation & outcome, we play a role. What if you’re playing a role of sabotage & hidden agendas you don’t know exist? What if you have positive traits, skills and talents, you don’t know exist? Change your roles, change your impact, change your results. We can’t control the world, but we can control how we engage with it. 

What if you’re playing a role in situations without knowing it’s been causing the stress, unintended results, and undesirable or even regretful behaviors?

At any given time, you may be playing a different role than you think or intend to play. Most of us would rather think the problems lie “out there” not “in here”, however, if one continues to have a pattern of disappointing outcomes, it’s best to work from the inside out.

The only thing in life we can control is the role we play. Knowing that every action has a reaction, isn’t it a better plan to be the driving force in the action causing the reaction… of our choosing?

These patterns apply not only to business, but family, friends, and romantic relationships as well. It’s time to have Tamara help you view who you really are, to identify the roles you play, and how identification and awareness of those patterns are the starting point to Show Up Strong in any situation.

What if you have strengths and talents you don’t see or know exist? They may be underutilized in your success strategy. Having someone who will identify those with you and help integrate them into a new strategy, that will have you getting more of what you want, with a lot less stress, with a lot more success, and a lot more meaning.

Looking at ourselves with honesty of who we are, not what we know and have, will reveal hidden keys to our impact and future success. Every negative behavior has a positive intention. We can go throughout our entire lives not seeing our true actions, their intentions, and their impact. We do this because it’s comfortable, we learned our unconscious behaviors for a reason, now it’s time to unlearn what’s detrimental and replace with what’s beneficial.

Without realizing when, how and why we act, we’ll keep playing the same roles and getting the same level results.

Isn’t it time to invest in meeting the real you? After all, you’re going to be together for the rest of your lives.


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