Is Your Renaissance Mind Stuck In A Single-Minded World?

Don’t fall for the single-minded B.S. “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  It might be true for most people. However, it doesn’t mean it’s true for all people.

It can be hard to focus on just one thing and do it well when you feel you’re sacrificing or ignoring your other passions and talents in the process.

You’re perfectly capable of hyper-focusing on one thing for hours at a time. You’re also capable of burning out quickly if you feel cemented to that one thing for too long.

Some of us Restless Successfuls, polymaths, and Renaissance minds do our best work when we allow our minds the nourishing and nurturing inspiration from other areas that feed our natural curiosity.

Do one thing and do it well might apply to some people, but not all people. You might be the kind of person who does several things well and with more clarity when you’re free to use all areas where you thrive.

Imagine if Leonardo Da Vinci had been forced to choose one area of interest. If he had said, “I think I’ll just stick to painting” and suppressed his other passions and talents.

What if Richard Branson had said, “I think I’ll just stick to the music industry.”

Some call this having A.D.D., and some consultants would rather pull their bottom lip over their head than to work with people like this (at least that’s what they tell me).

Call me crazy, but I adore working with people like this!  They have always been my favorites to work with and had the most successful outcomes.

They’re life long and passionate learners, not “scatter-brained.”

Understanding how this multifaceted mind works and creating strategies that work with it, not against, makes all the difference. No matter if it’s consulting outcomes, new initiatives, or energizing your team, it’s most beneficial to work with you where you’re most naturally suited.

Some people will get lost if they don’t “stay in their lane.” Some of us get lost if we do.

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