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“The Way We Approach Winning And Losing Is The Way We Navigate Life”


Whether you're currently facing a huge challenge or woke up this morning realizing you want to change the way you're showing up in the world, one thing is the same, you need someone with experience as your guide.

Tamara redefines the way you approach life and business to Show Up Strong® in any situation. She redefines how people navigate their surroundings, interpret the hidden roles they play, and their agendas impact on life, business, fulfillment, and their legacy.

Tamara delivers a healthy dose of sugarless, yet, compassionate accountability. She has an uncanny understanding of those who’ve reached a high level of success and knows each level brings its own challenges. The strategies, motivators, and behaviors, which helped get them where they are, may now be obsolete or even detrimental.

Experiencing first hand, the higher up on the success ladder, the more difficult it is to find and receive honest input, feedback, and insights. Tamara insists on "keeping it real" and focused on the mission of her clients.

Approaching clients and their businesses as unique components of a larger system, the processes Tamara uses are far from cookie cutter formats. She strongly believes in using a personalized approach to each client and their needs.

Her philosophy on our current environment is, platitudes, cookie cutter systems, trendy training, old strategies, and old habits can only take us so far.  They can even lead to crisis.

Staying the course, sticking to a plan, trusting the process, and not giving up can be great advice, in more stable and predictable times. What’s needed is a shift in the way we navigate in the moments that matter most, with the vision to see how we navigate impacts our entire system and changes the trajectory.

Tamara helps clients design a new way to navigate while keeping positive momentum going. Fostering an agile mindset that can take on any situation and handle it with a clear, confident, elegance; keeping stress from ushering in detrimental behaviors and subconscious agendas.

Her approach brings more meaningful impact and an evolved way of approaching complex issues and tactical planning.

Uncovering the neurology, triggers, hidden agendas and unconscious roles individuals and groups step in to, in certain situations, vastly improve successful outcomes, without losing focus; without losing what’s meaningful.

Tamara helps people generate support and momentum for their ideas, de-escalate volatile situations and reconfigure the way obstacles are approached. She teaches the mindset of discernment on steroids, by focusing on and digging out the facts, knowing what to engage with and detach from. Not allowing assumptions, biases and hidden agendas to get in the way of what’s truly important.

She makes success portable. Drilling down on the strategies that worked in the past and identifying those that will no longer work, gives her client the ability to consistently rework their approach on their own.

Tamara doesn’t believe in drawn-out processes creating dependency. Her carefully screened clients are too intelligent to waste time and money on assessments and processes they don’t need.

The high failure rate of imported executives and initiatives will no longer be an issue for her clients.

Tamara’s believes in being able to change course and reinvent our personal and professional definition of success, while always maintaining a clear focus on what’s meaningful.

She understands most people know what to do, but when faced with an unchanged unconscious pattern of behavior, mixed with adversity and new environments, they don’t implement what they know. Knowing what to do and doing it are not the same. Tamara works in real time situations, not hypothetical, making the knowing and doing one in the same. Neurological wiring is set in a new formation to sustain showing up strong, long after working with her is completed.

Tamara’s approach to working with The Restless Successful® in navigating their complex world comes from having walked in their shoes. She understands being in the top .01% and yearning for something more fulfilling and meaningful, but lacking the support to navigate that high level and high stakes environment. She knows the frustration and loneliness of what it’s like to be highly successful and unhappy, discontent, restless and looking for something more… when surrounded by people who just don’t get them, feeling like they’re from a different planet.

Discover more on Tamara’s background in her bio and reach out directly for more information and to set up a complimentary interview.

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