Show Up Strong Founder and President Tamara Lee Taylor

“The Way We Approach Winning And Losing Is How We Navigate Life”

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Tamara Taylor Knows How to Show Up Strong in Life & Business



In her 30+ years of unexpected detours and constant reinvention, Tamara knows one thing for sure; the way we approach winning and losing is the way we navigate life.

What we engage with and detach from, the roles we play, and our constant evolution determines our consistent success. Tamara has learned this, on her own. The hard way.

As an international advisor and advocate for The Restless Successful, Tamara combines her real-world experience, agile perspectives, business acumen, and acute interpretation of human behavior, with the science of change, to navigate her clients to unstoppable performance.

Guiding and developing businesses, leadership, The Restless Successful and high-net-worth individuals through their unique environments, is where she exceeds expectations of even the most discerning clients.

In many fields, Tamara has taken a solid foundation, that is not in it’s highest and best use and turned it into something bigger, better, and more strikingly brilliant.

Tamara has built multiple multi-million dollar empires and has navigated dozens of others to build and grow their empires exponentially.

She’s assisted business owners increase revenue upwards of 60% in 60 days and transformed executives and entrepreneurs into leaders who know how to Show Up STRONG® in any situation.

In analyzing the patterns and strategies that always helped her Show Up Strong, reinvent, and stage a comeback after disastrous events, she uncovered the roles she played in positive and negative outcomes. Tamara has mastered the art of discovering the hidden roles and agendas of her clients before, during, and after a crisis strikes.

Tamara has never shied away from making bold decisions when the stakes are high. She knows what it takes to make those giant leaps when the future is unpredictable and to start from scratch.

Tamara's a true Renaissance Woman and multifarious enigma. Self-directed and experiential learning is one of her greatest passions, although, she has been formally trained and certified in Linguistics, Behavior Modification, Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, Professional Executive Coaching, Human Capital Management, and the list continues to grow.

For more information and inquiries, get in touch with Tamara to see and feel the difference between navigating business and life by just showing up and navigating by Showing Up STRONG!

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