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Laser Sessions

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You’re at a crossroads. You’ve chosen your path. Is traveling alone your best option? Not really. There's safety in having someone watch your back. An unbiased confidential strategist who can see what you can’t and help you discern what’s really going on. To help you design your best approach. Tamara’s Laser sessions program is focused support for real-time situations that will benefit from an outside perspective. This program is built for specific issues that need support for you to show up strong. Those challenges that pop up suddenly and you need an unbiased partner to call for the occasional deep dive or as ongoing momentum boosts after you've completed more in-depth programs and projects.


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You’ve reached the level of success you set out to reach and now it’s time to blow out your personal glass ceiling. You’re restless and ready to optimize your success and you’re smart enough to know, what got you here won’t get you there. With this program, you will take those roles and ideas that got you here and morph them into the roles you need to play now, to be ready for anything; to step into a higher impact version of yourself.  With this program, we’ll take your greatest hits and create new roles for you and your business. We’ll have you stepping out and up for success in all areas, beyond your perceived limitations and blind spots. You’ll be able to turn your solid foundation into a masterpiece.


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You know you’re good. But do you know why? More importantly, do you know how to put your best gifts to their best use? This program adds jet fuel to launch the rocket you’ve already developed. This program takes everything you have; your gifts; your triggers; your hidden agendas; your blind spots; your winning strategy — and creates a winning formula to become unstoppable. Every time. No matter what. Result: you become the person everyone wants to partner with. The person who gets the golden opportunities reserved for those in the top-tier. The person who attracts the best of the best. In other words….you Show Up STRONG in any situation.

Crisis Navigation

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You're hiring the right people to crunch numbers, draft legal docs, oversee the small details, even handle your personal life's needs, but you might be forgetting something crucial. Hiring the right person to identify your personal blind spots, business blind spots and blind spots in identifying not only your motives but the motives of others involved. Having someone who's only skin in the game is to look out for your well being in every aspect simply makes sense. Someone who understands a broad range of business, human behavior, financial and social areas and can see from 30k feet and on the microscopic level.

Custom Services

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You want strategy and tactics custom built and unique, just like you? Tamara's most personal attention is tailored for you. When you need a strong dose of Tamara by your side during intense and deeply impactful situations. You need a second brain that understands you, with the experience and skills to help you navigate through the complexity of your unique situation. You need someone who can help you balance your heart and your mind to arrive at your best outcomes.


International Advisor & Advocate For The Restless Successful

You've never fit into a mold and you never will. This is customized for each individual to meet you where you are and work with your uniqueness.

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